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Hatchworth - The Spine - Rabbit - GG
BeeBop - Qwerty - Walter Workers - Steve - Crew

GG can currently be seen appearing on Steam Powered Giraffe's YouTube channel and makes special appearances during live shows and autograph sessions at various events.

Built: ???? Style: Industrial
Features: Cute

Not much is known about this plucky baby giraffe robot other than she was locked in a crate for many years.

Upon being released, The Walters discovered she had a very advanced learning module installed in her brain that lets her digest information at an alarming rate.

(Seriously, she once read all the Twilight books in five minutes. Naturally she promptly burned them when finished).

Her curious robot brain can seemingly interface with almost any electronic device she wishes, though most of her time is spent inside Walter Manor trying to catch up on every television show and movie known to man. She also is an internet-aholic and frequents her Tumblr, which is mostly filled with kitten gifs.



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