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Built: 1896 Style: Art Deco
Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Drums
Features: Crystal soda fueled engine, unstable blue matter reactor channeling a fluctuating space-time rift

One day Peter was tinkering with the robot that would be called The Jon. After a series of actions that Peter himself could not describe later, he was sent flying across the room by a sonic boom from a malfunction of The Jon's Blue Matter reactor. Somehow, Peter Walter had created a portal from this world into another dimension.

The portal was created using The Jon's power source, and it had a lasting effect on the quirky robot. Unlike his predecessors, The Jon did not use clockwork to operate. He hardly used anything, as it would seem, since his chest cavity carries only two things: a hot dog in bun and a koi fish forever swimming in an empty black void.

The Jon received his name at a performance. The robots were asked to introduce themselves, and Rabbit and The Spine already had catchy nicknames. But The Jon, only having his model number, cast about for something to call himself. A man in the audience made a comment to his friend about needing to use 'the john'. The Jon heard this comment, and has been using that name ever since.

In 1992, The Jon was given an upgrade. Desperate for cash, Peter Walter V took a promotional deal with Pepsi. Peter Walter upgraded The Jon to run on their new soda. Crystal Pepsi was discontinued soon afterward, and the Walters are still broke. Unfortunately The Jon's system refuses to be retroactively run on water, so the Walter family must keep a case of the discontinued drink around all the time.

As a musician, The Jon plays guitar, bass, mandolin, and drums.

The Jon is the most carefree of the robots and his childlike tendencies are both pesky and endearing to his fellow musicians. It's difficult to place your finger on The Jon, as he seems to have an otherworldly quality to everything he says and does. There have been numerous reports of people having hallucinations while in the presence of the robot, in addition to strange items or creatures appearing on and from him. It's hard to tell what is an illusion and what is reality- and it's not surprising that The Jon isn't aware of the difference between the two himself!


Jon Sprague grew up in a very nurturing family where almost all of his siblings were gifted in the abilities of art and unicycling. At Grossmont College in El Cajon California he met Christopher Bennett and Erin Burke in Jerry Hager's mime class, and eventually David Bennett through them. After a few years of performing in an improvisational troupe and several semesters of Jerry Hager's mime class, Jon and the other members of Steam Powered Giraffe set in motion the musical pantomime troupe idea that would become their lively hoods.

Jon is able to play guitar, bass, mandolin, piano, cello, kalimba, imbira, and mouth harp.


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