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San Diego's quirky group of antique automatons has just released their third studio album titled MK III. This new release introduces a new robot named Hatchworth to the band and new musical programming interfacing with their familiar harmonic tones for a variety of sleek, ear-pleasing catchy melodies, fresh beats, and comedic stylings. From pop music to disco, the robots will have you tapping your toes all night long. Listen with caution, though, because you might just catch Hatch Fever!

The “MK III” CD comes in a fantastic art enlaced digipak, which unfolds twice. It also contains s a 32-page art booklet with song lyrics, featuring original illustrations by Bunny Bennett, Sam Luke, and Gabi Gonzalez.

Track list:

1. Curtain-Raiser (0:59)

2. Steam Powered Giraffe (2:37)

3. Mecto Amore (5:32)

4. Hatch Fever (3:56)

5. A Way into Your Heart (4:06)

6. Ghost Grinder (5:10)

7. Please Explain (3:43)

8. She Said Maybe (3:21)

9. Go Spine Go (5:43)

10. Roller Skate King (3:18)

11. I’ll Rust With You (3:42)

12. Wired Wrong (5:16)

13. Fancy Shoes (4:27)

14. Steam Powered Giraffe (Reprise) (1:27)

15. Turn Back the Clock (5:47)

16. Bleak Horizon (3:32)


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