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Once called the 8th 1/2 Wonder of the World, Colonel Walter's Steam Powered Robots are a technological marvel that has astounded the world for generations!

Created in 1896 by Colonel P. A. Walter I, these robots still run off their original steam powered engines and artificial intelligence. But you'll find no generic boilers or clockwork brains in these robots! How their steam-driven power supplies function is a secret that the Walter family holds close, and those who have tried have ultimately met disastrous outcomes.

Today the robots are all refurbished with better plating, rubber buffers, and hydraulic tubing. New parts have replaced any old ones that have worn and torn over the centuries, but the robots all retain their original chassis, and are vintage relics of unmatched engineering.

Of all the Walter robots the most popular are the ones who currently perform in the band Steam Powered Giraffe, whose namesake comes from Walter's first robot, a giant mechanical giraffe.

Part of the reason the robots have not received many chassis or system overhauls over the years is a lack of funding. The amount of money that goes into the up keep the robots alone is a fortune!
The fact that these miracle machines are still running to this day is a testament to their brilliant conception. Hopefully they will be running for years to come and will be enjoyed by many more generations...

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1896 - At age 32, Colonel Peter A. Walter I creates a group of automatons in his mansion at San Diego, California.
There are reports of giant copper African elephants attacking Dandy Candy's rock candy mines in Africa.
The CEO of Dandy Candy implores Walter to combat the metal menace.
Walter has also begun construction on another invention, a giant steam powered giraffe war machine.
1897 - Three months later, Walter and his robots travel to Africa and search for the copper elephants.
A three day weekend war takes place with Walter's army of automatons battling an army of mechanical elephants using the steam powered giraffe.
The elephants are stopped.

Thadeus Becile, long-time engineering rival of Colonel Walter, is found to be behind the attacks. His copper elephants are merely human-driven vehicles powered by the African rock candy.

After the war, Colonel Walter explored entertainment as a means of putting his metal people to use.
Walter's illegitimate twin sons are born. Peter A. Walter II & Peter A. Walter III. The mother is Iris Tonia, one of his maids. He marries her.

1911 - Peter Walter I founds The Walter Robotics Company.
1915 - 1916 -

The First World's Fair: Panama-California Exposition in Balboa Park, San Diego.
The remodeled robots perform for hundreds and hundreds of visitors to the beautiful park under the name "The Steam Man Band."
1917 - The US declares war on Germany. Walter's four automatons are enlisted for search and rescue operations, saving dozens of men at a time on battlefields tainted with mustard gas.
For his heroism on the battlefield, a young Peter A. Walter III (age 20) makes Colonel.
1923 - Peter A. Walter II (age 26) marries Mary Mickleson, a farm girl from Virginia.
1924 - P. A. Walter II (age 27) has a son. Mark Ray Walter.
1926 - P. A. Walter II (age 29) has a daughter. Wanda Walter.
1933 - Chicago Exposition World's Fair. The robots perform to thousands of fair goers.  
1935 - 1936 - California Pacific International Exposition in Balboa Park, San Diego. The robots once again perform in their home city of San Diego, California.
1937 - Peter A. Walter II and his wife have a second son Peter A. Walter IV.
1941 - America Enters World War II. The robots serve the United States Army, Army Air Corps, and Navy, assisting various Allied troops on the front lines, in the air, and at sea. Reports suggest there were no casualties caused by the robots themselves. Although having been a part of a bombing raid, the robots, going against orders, detracted from the mission to save Allied troops instead.
1942 - Colonel Peter A. Walter I dies asleep in his mansion at age 78.
1945 - World War II ends. The robots return to San Diego, California.
1947 - Mark Ray Walter (age 22) and his wife, Judith Walter have a child. Peter A. Walter V. Judith dies during childbirth.
Wanda Walter (age 20) marries Professor Guy Hottie.
1950 - Family rival to the Walters, Ignatius M. Becile and Doctor Norman Becile manage to steal the robot Rabbit's power core. They attempt to tamper with the device, most likely to reverse engineer it.

Colonel P. A. Walter III, P. A. Walter II, and Professor Guy Hottie break into the Becile laboratory to stop the device from being turned on and are caught in a massive explosion that tears through the space-time continuum. In addition to all nightmares becoming reality, P. A. Walter II and Professor Guy Hottie are vaporized in the blast. Colonel Walter III suffers a mild stroke, Professor Ignatius Becile's right arm is paralyzed, and Doctor Norman Becile is misshapen into a crippled, monstrous form. His brilliant mind suffers a great loss of its mental function.
1951 - Mark Ray Walter (age 26) dies in a freak car accident. Peter A. Walter V moves into an orphanage.  
1955 - In financial difficulty, Colonel Peter A. Walter III makes a regretful financial deal with Ignatius Becile for funds. Peter A. Walter IV joins the United States Marine Corps.
1956 - Plifterston, New Pennsyltucky World's Fair.
Ignatius Becile is arrested for conspiring against Colonel P. A. Walter III. Norman Becile testified against him.
Shortly after, Colonel Walter III dies of unknown medical complications at age 59. Peter Walter V, at age 9, inherits his uncle's legacy and the Walter mansion in San Diego. He moves into the large house with Wanda Hottie and Norman Becile, the then current caretakers.
1957 - The US military commissions Walter automatons for unknown purposes in Roswell, New Mexico.
1962 - Pilot P. A. Walter IV (age 25) takes commander position on the spacecraft Cosmo. He is launched into space and orbits the Earth four times before a devastating explosion of the Cosmo spacecraft kills the entire crew of four. The incident was never fully explained.
1964 - The robots appear on The Ed Sullivan Show. An English band opens for them.
1965 - The robots once again serve in the United States military, this time in Vietnam. They are rendered inoperable in the midst of combat and their chassis go missing.
1973 - The US starts to withdraw from Vietnam. Walter's robots' battered chassis finally return to Peter Walter V (age 26).
1974 - The robots, reunited and repaired, begin touring again. Interest in the robots dwindles in the US as bad TV becomes increasingly popular.
1983 - Peter Walter V develops the QWERTY Operating System for Walter Robotics. The robots are upgraded to use the digital software.
1986 - Peter Walter V (age 39) marries Annie Burnette. Peter Walter VI is born.
1992 - Windows 3.1 releases. The robots are unsuccessfully upgraded to be compatible with it.
1995 - The robots are successfully upgraded to be compatible with Windows 3.1.

Windows 95 releases. The robots are unsuccessfully upgraded to be compatible with it.
1997 - The robots are marketed as a boy band. It fails horribly.
1998 - The robots are successfully upgraded to be compatible with Windows 95.

Windows 98 releases. The robots are unsuccessfully upgraded to be compatible with it.
2001 - The robots are successfully upgraded to be compatible with Windows 98.

Windows XP releases. The robots are unsuccessfully upgraded to be compatible with it.
2006 - The robots are successfully upgraded to be compatible with Windows XP.

Windows Vista releases. Peter Walter V uninstalls all Windows operating systems, destroys the disks, and reinstalls QWERTY.
2008 - The robots begin performing at Balboa Park again, as street entertainers. They are re-marketed under the name, “Steam Powered Giraffe", which coincides with the giant mechanical one they used in Africa all those years ago.
2009 - The robots release a brand new album under their new "Steam Powered Giraffe" name.
2010 - Walter celebrates his robots' 114 birthday by putting on a 114th Anniversary Show.
2011 - The Single "Honeybee" releases.

2012 - The robots release their second studio album as Steam Powered Giraffe, "The 2-Cent Show."

"Hatchworth," one of the original Walter robots, is upgraded with musical capabilities. He joins the band as the robot named "The Jon" departs to travel and see the world.
2013 -

The robots release their third studio album, entitled: "MK III."

Peter Walter VI succeeds in repairing a tear in the fabric of space and time, but ends up in a disfiguring implosion of blue matter energy. He recovers quickly from the accident, but the extent of his injuries are not released.

A mechanical baby giraffe is discovered in the Walter Workshop's archives. It can talk. A lot.

This happened.

2014 - Happening...right now.

The family trade continues today as Peter Walter VI (age 27) has taken over the family business. He resides in Walter Manor with his mother, Annie Walter, his father, Peter Walter V, Wanda Becile, Norman Becile, and of course the Steam Powered Robots (age 117).


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